New CSRC Publication Features
December 21, 2017

We recently made a few enhancements to CSRC Publications:

  1. improved performance of publication search;
  2. document history in detailed publication records, that link draft and final versions of a particular publication/revision to one another;
  3. keyword searches can be sorted by relevance ranking; and
  4. shortcut URLs (updated "Quick Links") to access publication series more easily:
URL Description

Draft publications: draft FIPS, SPs, NISTIRs, and White Papers; typically, NIST requests public comments on drafts. Final publications: all current, published documents in the database (all series); excludes drafts and archived/withdrawn publications. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS): current FIPS—draft and final; excludes archived/withdrawn FIPS. Special Publications (SP): current cybersecurity SPs (800, 1800, and 500 subseries)—draft and final; excludes archived/withdrawn SPs.

SP 800 "Computer Security" subseries: current SP 800 publications—draft and final; excludes archived/withdrawn SP 800s.

SP 1800 "Cybersecurity Practice Guides" subseries: current SP 1800 publications—draft and final; excludes archived/withdrawn SP 1800s.

SP 500 "Information Technology" subseries: current SP 500 publications—draft and final—related to cybersecurity. NIST Internal / Interagency Reports (NISTIR): current NISTIRs—draft and final—related to cybersecurity; excludes archived/withdrawn cybersecurity NISTIRs. Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) Bulletins: current ITL Bulletins; excludes archived/withdrawn bulletins. White Papers: NIST-internal and external white papers—draft and final—related to cybersecurity; also include NCCoE concept papers, project descriptions, building blocks and use cases.
NOTE: Most of the journal articles, conference papers and books in the CSRC pubs database are from 2008 and later. We will gradually add content from earlier years. NIST-authored articles related to cybersecurity; NIST-authored conference papers related to cybersecurity NIST-authored books, book sections and encyclopedia entries related to cybersecurity
Created December 14, 2017, Updated June 22, 2020