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NIST Requests Public Comments on FIPS 198-1 and Special Publications on Hash Functions, Statistical Randomness Tests, and Block Cipher Modes of Operation
August 06, 2021

NIST is in the process of a periodic review and maintenance of its cryptography standards and guidelines.  

Currently, we are reviewing the following publications: 

The public comment period for these publications is open through October 1, 2021. Comments may address security, implementation, clarity, and/or risk issues as well as relevance to current applications.

Send comments to with the publication number in the Subject, e.g., “Comments on FIPS 198-1” or “Comments on SP 800-38D.” 

For more information about the review process, visit the Crypto Publication Review Project page.

Parent Project

See: Crypto Publication Review Project

Related Topics

Security and Privacy: cryptography, public key infrastructure

Activities and Products: standards development

Created August 06, 2021