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NIST Seeks Comments on “Establishing Confidence in IoT Device Security: How do we get there?”
May 14, 2021

NIST announces the publication of a Cybersecurity White Paper on confidence mechanisms for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Establishing Confidence in IoT Device Security: How do we get there? This paper describes the landscape of confidence mechanisms that are currently available for establishing the security of IoT devices in the marketplace, with the goal of starting a conversation about what it means to have confidence in the cybersecurity of IoT devices used by individuals and organizations and the various ways of gaining that confidence. The paper is based on extensive research on initiatives that can help to instill confidence in IoT device security and a series of meetings with government and industry experts.

See the publication details for a copy of the document and instructions for submitting comments.

The note to reviewers (p. iii in the draft) includes three questions of particular interest to NIST. Answers to those questions and other feedback on the white paper are requested by June 14, 2021; please send feedback to iotsec@nist.gov with the subject line: IoT Confidence Mechanism Comments.

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Created May 13, 2021, Updated May 14, 2021