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NIST publishes NISTIR 8322: Workshop Summary Report for “Building the Federal Profile for IoT Device Cybersecurity” Virtual Workshop
January 07, 2021

NIST’s Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things program has published a summary report—NISTIR 8322—for the July 2020 workshop on the creation of a Federal profile of IoT device cybersecurity requirements. The workshop provided the opportunity to discuss and gather community input on the creation of a federal profile of the core baseline. Across two sessions the workshop reviewed the areas of IoT device technical cybersecurity requirements, non-technical support activities for device manufacturers and affiliated third parties, and the potential for developing confidence mechanisms around IoT device cybersecurity.

NISTIR 8322 summarizes the keynote presentation from the Federal Chief Information Security Officer, describes takeaways from the workshop discussions, and presents the results of online polls conducted during the event.

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Created January 06, 2021, Updated January 07, 2021