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Confium: an open source framework to support threshold cryptography standardization

November 5, 2020


Ronald Tse - Ribose


Abstract: Confium is an open-source distributed trust store framework that bridges cryptographers with practical cryptography usage and supports the standardization efforts of threshold cryptography at NIST. It aims to provide a generalized environment with an extensible architecture for the development of trust stores and future cryptographic families. This presentation will briefly describe the framework, its goals and upcoming plans. Confium is a component of RNP, the openly-licensed high performance OpenPGP toolkit, selected by Mozillas Thunderbird to protect its 30+ million users to secure emails end-toend. RNP is a Ribose project. The Confium project is supported by the Next Generation Internet initiative of the European Commission; Ribose is a grantee of the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) Foundational Technology award as well as the MOSS Secure Open Source award.

Presented at

NIST Workshop on Multi-Party Threshold Schemes (MPTS) 2020.

Jointly prepared with Daniel Wyatt, Nickolay Olshevsky and Jeffrey Lau.

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Created May 04, 2021, Updated June 07, 2021