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Poster: Threshold Cryptography for Multiple Operators

October 28, 2021


Luís T. A. N. Brandão


The security of operation of key-based cryptographic primitives, such as signature and encryption schemes, depends on the ability to protect the secret key from illicit use. Multi-party threshold schemes enhance such protection by distributing the trust of operation across multiple parties, such that no single party is even in possession of the key. This is the scope of the Multi-Party Threshold Cryptography project, which will develop guidance and recommendations about various primitives. This poster comments on five of the main primitives in sight for thresholdization: EdDSA, ECDSA, RSA signing/decryption, RSA keygen and AES.

Presented at

NIST-ITL Science Day 2021 (October 28) --- Presentation by video-conference

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Created November 05, 2021