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Anonymous credentials

November 21, 2022


Anna Lysyanskaya - Brown University


Abstract: When accessing a service, we often need to present authorization credentials. Anonymous credentials allow users to do so without revealing any information about themselves, other than the fact that they are indeed authorized; moreover, different showings of the same anonymous credential cannot be linked to each other.  Thus, even if a service provider's records are somehow leaked, or aggregated together with other service providers' records, users still cannot be traced through the system.  This talk will be an overview of the state-of-the-art of anonymous credentials: what privacy and security guarantees they can provide, and what accountability mechanisms they are compatible with.

Presented at

Special Topics on Privacy and Public Auditability (STPPA), Event #4 — November 21, 2022, by video-conference

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Parent Project

See: Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography

Related Topics

Security and Privacy: cryptography

Created October 11, 2022, Updated December 28, 2022