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Attribute-Based Encryption, Variants, and Pairing-Based Instantiations

February 9, 2023


Melissa Chase - Microsoft Research


Abstract: In traditional public key encryption systems, a message is encrypted under a particular public key, with the guarantee that it can only be decrypted by the party holding the corresponding secret key. Attribute based encryption (ABE), introduced by Sahai and Waters, instead allows us to use attributes to determine who has the power to decrypt. This talk will describe ABE and some of it’s variants along with the current state of the art in pairing-based instantiations.

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Presented at

Special Topics on Privacy and Public Auditability (STPPA), Event #5 — February 09, 2023, by video-conference

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Parent Project

See: Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography

Related Topics

Security and Privacy: cryptography

Created January 26, 2023, Updated March 01, 2023