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Post-Quantum Cryptography PQC

Example Files

Intermediate Values for draft ML-KEM and draft ML-DSA

October 2023

Note on the intermediate values for ML-KEM:
These test results were from an implementation of the 3 ML-KEMs in draft FIPS 203 with two specific changes:

  1. The order of the input i and j to the XOF at step 6 in Algorithm 12 K-PKE.KeyGen() is switched.
  2. The order of the input i and j to the XOF at step 6 in Algorithm 13 K-PKE.Encrypt() is switched.

In addition to the above, our implementation of Algorithm 13 uses a matrix variable "bHat" which is equal to the transpose of the matrix "aHat", i.e., bHat[j,i]=aHat[i,j].  This is done for convenience, and does not affect functionality.  

Note on the intermediate values for ML-DSA:
We recognize that Table 2 of the draft FIPS 204 gives incorrect values for the sizes of the signature and private key. In addition, we note that the incorrect signature length is also reflected in the output description in Algorithm 2 and the input description in Algorithm 3 (both in draft FIPS 204). The lengths of signatures and private keys in this Intermediate Values document are not consistent with these, but rather with what would be expected from following the steps of the pseudocode in draft FIPS 204. In addition, ExpandMask (Algorithm 28) pulls bits from the SHAKE bitstream off the front, rather than rc+1 bits further in the bitstream.  


Created January 03, 2017, Updated May 28, 2024