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Global-Scale Threshold AES (and SHA256)

November 5, 2020


Xiao Wang - Northwestern University


Abstract: Authenticated garbling is a set of protocols for maliciously secure two-party and multiparty computation based on garbled circuits. Implementations have verified its scalability in both the circuit size (e.g., computing billion-sized circuits) and the number of parties (e.g., computing over hundreds of nodes distributed globally). In this talk, I will give an overview of the protocol, a demo of it running on multiple nodes, and a discussion of future directions in the context of multi-party threshold schemes.

Presented at

NIST Workshop on Multi-Party Threshold Schemes (MPTS) 2020.

The talk is based on prior works joint with Jonathan Katz, Xiao Lan, Samuel Ranellucci, Mike Rosulek, Chenkai Weng, Kang Yang, Jiang Zhang.

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Created May 04, 2021, Updated June 07, 2021