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Differential-Linear Cryptanalysis on Xoodyak

May 10, 2022


Ariel Weizman - Bar-Ilan University


In this paper we present the first DL cryptanalysis on 4-round Xoodyak and the first related-key DL cryptanalysis on 5-round Xoodyak. We present the first DL distinguishers on 4- and 5-round Xoodoo, and then perform key-recovery attacks on 4- and 5-round Xoodyak using two recent techniques: the partitioning technique and the neutral bits idea. The data complexity of the 4-round DL attack is about 223.34  nonces and the times complexity is about 223.34 4-round Xoodoo calls. The data complexity of the 5-round related-key DL attack is about 222.04  nonces and the time complexity is about 222.04  5-round Xoodoo calls.

Presented at

LWC Workshop 2022

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Related Topics

Security and Privacy: cryptography

Created May 05, 2022, Updated May 11, 2022