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OSCAL Mini Workshop Series - Event #8: The OSCAL Futurist: Musing on What is Possible and What is Needed

November 30, 2022


The NIST OSCAL team is hosting a new series of mini-workshops, that aims to address topics of interest for our community and to open this forum for its members to present their OSCAL-related work. Unless specifically stated, the workshops will not require a deep, technical understanding of OSCAL, and the dialog is informal, allowing the community to interact with the presenters and with the OSCAL team members.


The eighth event in the series presents:

The OSCAL Futurist: Musing on What is Possible and What is Needed (video)

Presenter: Greg Elin, Founder & CEO, GovReady PBC


For more information on the series of events, please visit the OSCAL Mini-Workshop page.

For additional questions, please contact Dr. Michaela Iorga at

Created January 29, 2023, Updated January 30, 2023