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Upcoming NIST Call for Threshold Schemes

August 16, 2022


Luís T. A. N. Brandão - NIST/Strativia


Abstract: Will announce a soon upcoming NIST Call for Threshold Schemes. We'll ask the community of experts to submit their threshold schemes (when the private/secret key is secret-shared across multiple parties) for EdDSA, ECDSA, RSA, AES, ... and their corresponding distributed key-generation protocols. This process counts on the engagement of the community to also help evaluate and characterize the received proposals, expected to include various techniques from secure multi-party computation. The goal is to enable future recommendations and guidelines about threshold schemes.


Update: the draft call published on 2023-Jan-25 (NIST IR 8214C ipd) includes an additional category (Cat2) for threshold schemes for primitives not specified by NIST.

Presented at

Brief presentation at the Crypto 2022 Rump Session @ Santa Barbara, USA, 2022-Aug-16

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Created August 30, 2022, Updated January 30, 2023