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Thresholding symmetric-key primitives based on general-purpose actively secure MPC

September 26, 2023


Xiao Wang - Northwestern University


Abstract. In this presentation, I will introduce an intended submission from a multi-institution team of 12 members. Our submission aims at threshold protocols for NIST-approved symmetric-key primitives. We aim at protocols secure against active adversaries corrupting n-1 parties. We plan to submit a holistic package including all ingredients needed to build an efficient MPC protocol for any Boolean circuits and their application to any NIST-approved symmetric-key primitives (e.g., AES, SHA-2/3). Our submission consists of basic primitives (oblivious transfer, correlation robust hash functions, garbling schemes), building blocks (authenticated Beaver triples, distributed garbling schemes), and end-to-end protocols. Our submission will be accompanied by an analysis of concrete security, implementation, and discussions in the adaptive setting.

Presented at

MPTS 2023: NIST Workshop (virtual) on Multi-Party Threshold Schemes 2023

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Security and Privacy: cryptography

Created September 21, 2023, Updated October 25, 2023