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Threshold EdDSA Submissions of FROST and (maybe) Sparkle

September 26, 2023


Chelsea Komlo - University of Waterloo; Zcash Foundation; Dfns


Abstract. In this presentation, we will introduce two threshold signature submissions for the FROST and Sparkle schemes, and the teams that will be contributing towards the submissions. FROST is a two-round EdDSA threshold signature scheme, and Sparkle is a three-round EdDSA threshold signature scheme. We will discuss key differences between these two schemes, and other schemes in the literature, namely, in the security models and proving techniques. FROST is secure assuming the One-More Discrete Logarithm problem is hard, and Sparkle is secure assuming the Discrete Logarithm problem is hard. Both schemes are proven in the Random Oracle Model. In addition, we will discuss details of the submission, namely, the assumed networking models and key generation assumptions. Our submissions will assume an idealized key generation scheme, and assume only reliable public communication channels.

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Presented at

MPTS 2023: NIST Workshop (virtual) on Multi-Party Threshold Schemes 2023

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Security and Privacy: cryptography

Created September 21, 2023, Updated October 25, 2023