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Feedback about the NIST Threshold Call/Process

September 28, 2023


Abstract. The brief session 1b within MPTS 2023 (NIST Workshop for Multi-Party Threshold Schemes 2023) allows for additional oral comments about the NIST Threshold Call/Process. The number of allowed interventions will be limited to the available time slot. Each intervention should not exceed 3 minutes.

List of interventions (time in the edited session video: main commenter: informal description of topic):

  • 00:00: Luís Brandão: Introducing the feedback session.
  • 00:50: Thomas Prest: Number of queries to define security.
  • 05:10: Jonathan Katz: Submissions with various parts versus multiple submissions.
  • 07:00: Luís Brandão: Motivate conversation on networking.
  • 07:34: Aniket Kate (AK): On networking assumptions and gadgets.
  • 09:48: Nigel Smart: On too many options to implement.
  • 12:39: Jonathan Katz: Communication model (broadcast; point-to-point).
  • 17:15: Aniket Kate: On (in)comparability of efficiency between various options.
  • 19:06: Samuel Ranellucci: How much rigor to strive for in a specification.
  • 21:08: Rene Peralta: On evaluation of security arguments / community consensus.
  • 21:34: Luís Brandão: Wrapping up the feedback session.

During the session, a slide was shown with several suggested topics:

  1. Scope of the Threshold Call: refinements to the description of subcategories.
  2. Submission requirements in the Threshold Call: needed clarifications.
  3. Expressions of interest: intended concrete submissions (and possible submitter team).
  4. Need and adoptability: special features and primitives useful for specific applications.
  5. Inspiration: suggestions to the community, for submission of concrete threshold schemes.
  6. Frameworks: pertinent system models, security formulations, and threshold parameters.
  7. Pre/post quantum: concrete pre-quantum versus post-quantum cases worth focusing on.
  8. Technicalities: challenges about concrete primitives / threshold schemes / assumptions.
  9. External efforts: other processes developing related reference material or specifications.


Presented at

MPTS 2023: NIST Workshop (virtual) on Multi-Party Threshold Schemes 2023

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Security and Privacy: cryptography

Created September 25, 2023, Updated October 26, 2023