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Quantum Implementation of ASCON Linear Layer

June 21, 2023


In this paper, we show an in-place implementation of the ASCON linear layer. An in-place implementation is important in the context of quantum computing, we expect our work will be useful in quantum implementation of ASCON. In order to get the implementation, we first write the ASCON linear layer as a binary matrix; then apply two legacy algorithms (Gauss-Jordan elimination and PLU factorization) as well as our modified version of Xiang et al.’s algorithm/source-code (published in ToSC/FSE’20). Our in-place implementation takes 1595 CNOT gates and 119 quantum depth; and this is the first in-place implementation of the ASCON linear layer, to the best of our knowledge

Authors were not available to present this paper during the workshop.

Presented at

Lightweight Cryptography Workshop 2023 [Virtual]

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Created June 20, 2023, Updated June 22, 2023