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Overview, Feedback and Opportunities re the NIST Call for Multi-Party Threshold Cryptography

August 1, 2023


Luís T. A. N. Brandão - NIST/Strativia


Abstract. This talk will overview the NIST First Call for Multi-Party Threshold Schemes (NISTIR 8214C), including recent developments after the period of public comments about the initial public draft. Considering the workshop, the talk will highlight two subcategories: zero-knowledge proofs and threshold signatures. This NIST "threshold call" is establishing a structured collection of reference material, which will support the development of technical recommendations, including about subsequent processes of analysis of advanced cryptography. The success of the initiative relies on community participation, which is expected in the form of early feedback, submissions, and analysis. The session will end with a number of questions encouraging the audience to informally share their thoughts on a few topics of standardization and advanced cryptography.

Presented at

ZCon4, 2023-August-01 @ Barcelona (Spain)

Related Topics

Security and Privacy: cryptography

Created August 12, 2023, Updated August 14, 2023