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Cryptographic Module Validation Program CMVP

Certificate #2241


Module Name
Cisco 5915 and 5940 Embedded Services Routers
FIPS 140-2
 Historical Reason
Moved to historical list due to sunsetting
Overall Level
When operated in FIPS mode
Security Level Exceptions
  • Roles, Services, and Authentication: Level 2
  • Design Assurance: Level 3
  • Mitigation of Other Attacks: N/A
Module Type
Multi-chip embedded
The Cisco 5915, 5940 are high-performance, ruggedized routers. With onboard hardware encryption, the Cisco 5915, 5940 offloads encryption processing from the router to provide highly secure yet scalable video, voice, and data services for mobile and embedded outdoor networks. The Cisco 5915, 5940 Embedded Services Routers provide a scalable, secure, manageable remote access server that meets FIPS 140-2 Level 1 requirements. The Cisco 5915, 5940 Router Cards use industrial-grade components and is optimized for harsh environments that require Cisco IOS Software routing technology.
Approved Algorithms
AES Certs. #962, #1535 and #2784
CVL Cert. #236
DRBG Cert. #471
ECDSA Cert. #485
HMAC Certs. #537 and #1743
RSA Cert. #1456
SHS Certs. #933 and #2339
Triple-DES Certs. #757 and #1672
Other Algorithms
DES; DES MAC; Diffie-Hellman (key agreement; key establishment methodology provides 112 bits of encryption strength); GDOI (key wrapping; key establishment methodology provides between 112 and 256 bits of encryption strength); HMAC MD4; HMAC MD5; MD4; MD5; NDRNG; RC4; RSA (key wrapping; key establishment methodology provides 112 bits of encryption strength)
Hardware Versions
Cisco 5915 ESR air-cooled card, Cisco 5915 ESR conduction-cooled card, Cisco 5940 ESR air-cooled card and Cisco 5940 ESR conduction-cooled card
Firmware Versions


Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134

Global Certification Team

Validation History

Date Type Lab
9/10/2014 Initial LEIDOS CSTL