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Cryptographic Module Validation Program CMVP

Certificate #2255


Module Name
Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance-V100
FIPS 140-2
 Historical Reason
Moved to historical list due to sunsetting
Overall Level
When operated in FIPS mode
Security Level Exceptions
  • Roles, Services, and Authentication: Level 2
  • Physical Security: N/A
  • Mitigation of Other Attacks: N/A
Module Type
Multi-chip standalone
Blue Coat ProxySG physical and virtual appliances are the core of the Blue Coat’s Unified Security and Optimization solutions for business assurance. The appliances offer complete security and control of web traffic, providing rich policy constructs for threat protection, SSL traffic, authentication, filtering, data loss prevention and logging capabilities. The appliances also optimize web and internal application traffic through caching, bandwidth management, stream splitting, and protocol optimization for data, video, cloud and web applications.
Tested Configuration(s)
  • SGOS v6.5.2.50 on Vmware ESXi 5.1 running on a Dell PowerEdge R720 with PAA
  • SGOS v6.5.2.50 on Vmware ESXi 5.1 running on a Dell PowerEdge R720 without PAA (single-user mode)
Approved Algorithms
AES Cert. #2737
CVL Certs. #182 and #328
DRBG Cert. #458
HMAC Certs. #1715 and #1716
RSA Cert. #1427
SHS Certs. #2306 and #2307
Triple-DES Cert. #1648
Other Algorithms
RSA (key wrapping; key establishment methodology provides between 112 and 150 bits of encryption strength); Diffie-Hellman (key agreement; key establishment methodology provides 112 bits of encryption strength); MD5; PRNG; NDRNG; ANSI X9.31 PRNG (non-compliant); CAST-128; DES; RC2; RC4; Camellia; MD2; HMAC-MD5; RIPE-MD-160
Software Versions


Blue Coat® Systems, Inc.
420 N. Mary Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Diana Robinson
Phone: 845 454-6397
Tammy Green
Phone: 801-999-2973

Validation History

Date Type Lab
9/22/2014 Initial CGI Information Systems & Management Consultants Inc