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Cryptographic Module Validation Program CMVP

Certificate #2274


Module Name
VDX 6710, VDX 6720, VDX 6730, VDX 6740, VDX 6740T and VDX 8770 Switches
FIPS 140-2
 Historical Reason
RNG SP800-131A Revision 1 Transition
Overall Level
When operated in FIPS mode and with the tamper evident seals installed as indicated in Appendix A of the Security Policy
Security Level Exceptions
  • Mitigation of Other Attacks: N/A
Module Type
Multi-chip standalone
The Brocade VDX 8770 Switch is designed to scale out Brocade VCS fabrics and support complex environments with dense virtualization and dynamic automation requirements. The VDX 6710, VDX 6720, VDX 6730 are Gigabit Ethernet routing switches that provides secure network services and network management. The Brocade VDX 6740 and VDX 6740T are a next generation fixed form factor VCS enabled 10 Gb/40 Gb Ethernet fabric switch for ToR fabric deployments.
Approved Algorithms
AES Certs. #2283 and #2285
CVL Certs. #130 and #131
HMAC Certs. #1399 and #1400
RNG Certs. #1135 and #1136
RSA Certs. #1458 and #1467
SHS Certs. #1965 and #1966
Triple-DES Certs. #1431 and #1432
Other Algorithms
RSA (key wrapping; key establishment methodology provides 112 bits of encryption strength); Diffie-Hellman (key agreement; key establishment methodology provides 112 bits of encryption strength); NDRNG; SNMPv3 KDF (non-compliant); BF; CAST; CAST5; DES; DES3; DESX; RC2; RC4; MD2; MD4; MD5; RMD160; BLOWFISH-CBC; CAST128; ARCFOUR; HMAC-MD5; UMAC-64; HMAC-RIPEMD160; HMAC-SHA-1-96; HMAC-MD5-96
Hardware Versions
[BR-VDX6710-54-F and BR-VDX6710-54-R, BR-VDX6720-16-F (80-1004566-07 and 80-1006701-02), BR-VDX6720-16-R (80-1004567-07 and 80-1006702-02), BR-VDX6720-24-F (80-1004564-07 and 80-1006699-02), BR-VDX6720-24-R (80-1004565-07 and 80-1006700-02), BR-VDX6720-40-F (80-1004570-07 and 80-1006305-02), BR-VDX6720-40-R (80-1004571-07 and 80-1006306-02), BR-VDX6720-60-F (80-1004568-07 and 80-1006303-02) and BR-VDX6720-60-R (80-1004569-07 and 80-1006304-02), BR-VDX6730-16-F (80-1005649-03 and 80-1006709-02), BR-VDX6730-16-R (80-1005651-03 and 80-1006711-02), BR-VDX6730-24-F (80-1005648-03 and 80-1006708-02), BR-VDX6730-24-R (80-1005650-03 and 80-1006710-02), BR-VDX6730-32-FCOE-F (BR-VDX6730-24-F with BR-VDX6730-24VCS-01 and BR-VDX6730-24FCOE-01 Lic.), BR-VDX6730-32-FCOE-R (BR-VDX6730-24-R with BR-VDX6730-24VCS-01 and BR-VDX6730-24FCOE-01 Lic.), BR-VDX6730-40-F (80-1005680-03 and 80-1006719-02), BR-VDX6730-40-R (80-1005681-03 and 80-1006720-02), BR-VDX6730-60-F (80-1005679-03 and 80-1006718-02), BR-VDX6730-60-R (80-1005678-03 and 80-1006717-02), BR-VDX6730-76-FCOE-F (BR-VDX6730-60-F with BR-VDX6730-60VCS-01 and BR-VDX6730-60FCOE-01 Lic.) and BR-VDX6730-76-FCOE-R (BR-VDX6730-60-R with BR-VDX6730-60VCS-01 and BR-VDX6730-60FCOE-01 Lic.), BR-VDX6740-24-F, BR-VDX6740-24-R, BR-VDX6740-48-F, BR-VDX6740-48-R, BR-VDX6740-64- ALLSW-F and BR-VDX6740-64-ALLSW-R, BR-VDX6740T-24-F, BR-VDX6740T-24-R, BR-VDX6740T-48-F, BR-VDX-6740T-48-R, BR-VDX6740T-64-ALLSW-F, BR-VDX6740T-64-ALLSW-R, BR-VDX6740T-56-1G-R and BR-VDX6740T-56-1G-F, BR-VDX8770-4-BND-AC, BR-VDX8770-4-BND-DC, BR-VDX8770-8- BND-AC and BR-VDX8770-8-BND-DC with FRUs (80-1006540-01, 80-1006539-02, 80-1006430-01, 80-1006080-01, 80-1006295-01, 80-1006294-02, 80-1006049-02, 80-1006293-02, 80-1006048-02, 80-1006431-01 and 80-1006429-01) with FIPS Kit Brocade XBR-000195
Firmware Versions
Network OS (NOS) v4.1.1


Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
130 Holger Way
San Jose, CA 95134

Chris Marks
Phone: 408-333-0480
Fax: 408-333-8101

Validation History

Date Type Lab
11/10/2014 Initial ÆGISOLVE