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Cryptographic Module Validation Program CMVP

Certificate #2279


Module Name
Brocade® FCX 624/648, ICX™ 6610, ICX 6450, ICX 6650 and SX 800/1600 Series
FIPS 140-2
 Historical Reason
Moved to historical list due to sunsetting
Overall Level
When operated in FIPS mode with the tamper evident labels installed and with the configurations in Tables 4, 10 and 11 as defined in the Security Policy
Security Level Exceptions
  • Design Assurance: Level 3
  • Mitigation of Other Attacks: N/A
Module Type
Multi-chip standalone
The FastIron SX series chassis devices are modular switches that provide the enterprise network with a complete end-to-end Enterprise LAN solution. The ICX 6610 series is an access layer Gigabit Ethernet switch designed from the ground up for the enterprise data center environment. Brocade ICX 6450 switches provide enterprise-class stackable LAN switching solutions to meet the growing demands of campus networks. The Brocade ICX 6650 Switch is a compact Ethernet switch that delivers industry-leading 10/40 GbE density.
Approved Algorithms
DSA Certs. #668, #801, #802 and #803
SHS Certs. #2224, #2225, #2226 and #2227
Other Algorithms
RSA (key wrapping; non-compliant); Diffie-Hellman (non-compliant); SNMPv3 KDF (non-compliant); MD5; SSHv2 KDF (non-compliant); HWRNG; HMAC-MD5; AES (non-compliant); Triple-DES (non-compliant); HMAC (non-compliant); DRBG (non-compliant); TLSv1.0 KDF (non-compliant); RSA (non-compliant); DES; MD2; RC2; RC4
Hardware Versions
[FCX624S (P/N 80-1002388-08), FCX624S-HPOE-ADV (P/N 80-1002715-08), FCX624S-F-ADV (P/N 80-1002727-07), FCX648S (P/N 80-1002392-08), FCX648S-HPOE (P/N 80-1002391-10), FCX648S-HPOE-ADV (P/N 80-1002716-10), FCX-2XG (P/N 80-1002399-01), ICX 6610-24F-I (P/N 80-1005350-04), ICX 6610-24F-E (P/N 80-1005345-04), ICX 6610-24-I (P/N 80-1005348-05), ICX 6610-24-E (P/N 80-1005343-05), ICX 6610-24P-I (P/N 80-1005349-06), ICX 6610-24P-E (P/N 80-1005344- 06), ICX 6610-48-I (P/N 80-1005351-05), ICX 6610-48-E (P/N 80-1005346-05), ICX 6610-48P-I (P/N 80-1005352-06), ICX 6610- 48P-E (P/N 80-1005347-06), ICX 6450-24 (P/N 80-1005997-03), ICX 6450-24P (P/N 80-1005996-04), ICX 6450-48 (P/N 80- 1005999-04), ICX 6450-48P (P/N 80-1005998-04), ICX 6450-C12-PD (P/N 80-1007578-01), ICX6650-32-E-ADV (P/N: 80-1007115- 02), ICX6650-32-I-ADV (P/N: 80-1007116-02), ICX6650-40-E-ADV (P/N: 80-1007179-03), ICX6650-40-I-ADV (P/N: 80-1007181-03), ICX6650-48-E-ADV (P/N: 80-1007180-03), ICX6650-48-I-ADV (P/N: 80-1007182-03), ICX6650-56-E-ADV (P/N: 80-1007117-03), ICX6650-56-I-ADV (P/N: 80-1007118-03), ICX6650-80-E-ADV (P/N: 80-1007119-03), ICX6650-80-I-ADV (P/N: 80-1007120-03), FI- SX800-S (P/N 80-1003050-03 and 80-1007143-03), FI-SX1600-AC (P/N 80-1002764-02 and 80-1007137-02), FI-SX1600-DC (P/N 80- 1003005-02 and 80-1007138-02), SX-FISF (P/N 80-1002957-03), SX-FI-ZMR-XL (P/N 80-1006486-02), SX-FI-ZMR-XL-PREM6 (P/N 80-1007350-02), SX-ACPWR-SYS (P/N 80-1003883-02) and SX-DCPWR-SYS (P/N 80-1003886-02)] with FIPS Kit XBR-000195
Firmware Versions
IronWare R08.0.01


Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
130 Holger Way
San Jose, CA 95134

Chris Marks
Phone: 4083330480
Fax: 4083338101

Validation History

Date Type Lab
11/14/2014 Initial ÆGISOLVE