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Cryptographic Module Validation Program CMVP

Certificate #2792


Module Name
BC-FNA (Bouncy Castle FIPS .NET API)
FIPS 140-2
 Historical Reason
Moved to historical list due to sunsetting
Overall Level
When installed, initialized and configured as specified in the Security Policy Section 8 and operated in FIPS mode. The module generates cryptographic keys whose strengths are modified by available entropy. No assurance of the minimum strength of generated keys.
Security Level Exceptions
  • Physical Security: N/A
Module Type
Multi-Chip Stand Alone
The Bouncy Castle FIPS .NET API is a comprehensive suite of FIPS Approved algorithms implemented in pure C#. All key sizes and modes have been implemented to allow flexibility and efficiency, and additional algorithms, including some post-quantum ones, are available in non-approved operation as well.
Tested Configuration(s)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) on .NET 4.5.2 framework running on Dell XPS 15 7590 with Intel Core i7-9750H (single-user mode)
Approved Algorithms
AES Cert. #C2202
CVL Cert. #C2202
DRBG Cert. #C2202
DSA Cert. #C2202
ECDSA Cert. #C2202
HMAC Cert. #C2202
KAS-SSC vendor affirmed
KTS AES Cert. #C2202; key establishment methodology provides between 128 and 256 bits of encryption strength
KTS Triple-DES Cert. #C2202; key establishment methodology provides 112 bits of encryption strength
KTS vendor affirmed
PBKDF vendor affirmed
RSA Cert. #C2202
SHA-3 Cert. #C2202
SHS Cert. #C2202
Triple-DES Cert. #C2202
Other Algorithms
MD5; RSA (key wrapping; key establishment methodology provides 112 or 128 bits of encryption strength; non-compliant less than 112 bits of encryption strength); AES (non-compliant); ARC4; Camellia; ChaCha; ElGamal; NewHope; OpenSSL PBKDF; PKCS#12 PBKDF; Poly1305; SEED; Serpent; SPHINCS-256
Software Versions


Legion of the Bouncy Castle Inc.
85 The Crescent
Ascot Vale, Victoria 3032

David Hook
Phone: +61438170390
Jon Eaves
Phone: +61417502969

Validation History

Date Type Lab
11/14/2016 Initial CGI Information Systems & Management Consultants Inc
4/19/2021 Update ACUMEN SECURITY, LLC