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Cryptographic Module Validation Program CMVP

Certificate #4517


Module Name
IDPrime 3930 FIDO
FIPS 140-2
Sunset Date
Overall Level
No assurance of the minimum strength of generated keys
Security Level Exceptions
  • Roles, Services, and Authentication: Level 3
  • Physical Security: Level 3
  • EMI/EMC: Level 3
  • Design Assurance: Level 3
Module Type
Single Chip
IDPrime 3930 FIDO is a dual interface smartcard combining Minidriver enabled PKI application, offering all the necessary services (with either RSA up to 4096 key length or Elliptic curves algorithms) to secure an IT Security and ID access infrastructure, with FIDO2 application (CTAP2) offering passwordless access for cloud apps, network domains and all Azure AD-connected apps and services
Tested Configuration(s)
  • N/A
Approved Algorithms
AES Cert. #A1930
CKG vendor affirmed
CVL Cert. #A1930
DRBG Cert. #A1930
ECDSA Cert. #A1930
HMAC Cert. #A1930
KAS KAS-SSC Cert. #A1930, KDA Cert. #A1930
KAS-SSC Cert. #A1930
KBKDF Cert. #A1930
KDA Cert. #A1930
KTS AES Cert. #A1930; key establishment methodology provides between 128 and 256 bits of encryption strength
KTS-RSA Cert. #A1930
RSA Cert. #A1930
SHS Cert. #A1930
Triple-DES Cert. #A1930
Allowed Algorithms
RSA (key unwrapping; key establishment methodology provides between 112 and 150 bits of encryption strength)
Hardware Versions
SLE78CLFX400VPH (A1714221) and SLE78CLFX400VPH (A1633310)
Firmware Versions
IDCore3130 - Build 12G, IDPrime 3930 Applet V4.5.0F, MSPNP Applet V1.2, FIDO V2.0.4B Applet


Avenue du Jujubier, Z.I Athelia IV
La Ciotat 13705

Arnaud Lotigier
Phone: +33 442366074
Fax: +33 442365545
Frederic Garnier
Phone: +33 442364368
Fax: +33 442366953

Validation History

Date Type Lab
5/9/2023 Initial LEIDOS CSTL