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FIPS 180-4

Secure Hash Standard (SHS)

Date Published: August 2015

Supersedes: FIPS 180-4 (03/06/2012)

Planning Note (8/4/2015): The Applicability Clause of this standard was revised to correspond with the release of FIPS 202, "SHA-3 Standard: Permutation-Based Hash and Extendable-Output Functions," which specifies the SHA-3 family of hash functions, as well as mechanisms for other cryptographic functions to be specified in the future. The revision to the Applicability Clause approves the use of hash functions specified in either FIPS 180-4 or FIPS 202 when a secure hash function is required for the protection of sensitive, unclassified information in Federal applications, including as a component within other cryptographic algorithms and protocols.


National Institute of Standards and Technology



computer security; cryptography; message digest; hash function; hash algorithm; Federal Information Processing Standards; Secure Hash Standard
Control Families

System and Communications Protection; System and Information Integrity


FIPS 180-4 (DOI)
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Supplemental Material:
Federal Register Notice (other)
Comments received on Draft FIPS 180-4 (Aug. 2014) (pdf)

Document History:
08/04/15: FIPS 180-4 (Final)


Security and Privacy
authentication; digital signatures