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FIPS 186

Digital Signature Standard (DSS)

Date Published: May 19, 1994 (Change Notice 1, 12/30/1996)

Withdrawn: December 15, 1998

Planning Note (12/30/1996): This change notice updates Appendix 3.2 and replaces Appendix 5. The updated text is fully contained in the Change Notice, which should be used in conjunction with the original FIPS 186, dated May 19, 1994.

Superseded By: FIPS 186-1 (December 15, 1998)
Supersedes: FIPS 186 (May 19, 1994)


National Institute of Standards and Technology



ADP security; computer security; digital signatures; public-key cryptography; Federal Information Processing Standard
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FIPS 186

Supplemental Material:
Change Notice No. 1 (use in conjunction with FIPS 186) (pdf)

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