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NISTIR 8183A Vol. 3

Cybersecurity Framework Manufacturing Profile Low Impact Level Example Implementations Guide: Volume 3 – Discrete-based Manufacturing System Use Case

Date Published: September 2019


Keith Stouffer (NIST), Timothy Zimmerman (NIST), CheeYee Tang (NIST), Michael Pease (NIST), Jeffrey Cichonski (NIST), Neeraj Shah (Strativia), Wesley Downard (G2)



computer security; Cybersecurity Framework (CSF); distributed control systems (DCS); industrial control systems (ICS); information security; manufacturing; network security; programmable logic controllers (PLC); risk management; security controls; supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
Control Families

Access Control; Audit and Accountability; Awareness and Training; Configuration Management; Contingency Planning; Identification and Authentication; Incident Response; Maintenance; Media Protection; Personnel Security; Physical and Environmental Protection; Planning; Program Management; Risk Assessment; Security Assessment and Authorization; System and Communications Protection; System and Information Integrity; System and Services Acquisition;


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Draft NISTIR 8183A Vol. 3 (5/28/19)
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