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SP 1800-27

Securing Property Management Systems

Date Published: March 2021


William Newhouse (NIST), Michael Ekstrom (MITRE), Jeff Finke (MITRE), Marisa Harriston (MITRE)



access control; hospitality cybersecurity; moving target defense; PCI DSS; PMS, privacy; property management system; role-based authentication; tokenization; network security; zero trust architecture
Control Families

Access Control; Assessment, Authorization and Monitoring; Configuration Management; Identification and Authentication; Incident Response; Physical and Environmental Protection; Program Management; Risk Assessment; System and Communications Protection; System and Information Integrity


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Supplemental Material:
Project homepage (pdf)
NIST News article (web)

Document History:
09/14/20: SP 1800-27 (Draft)
03/30/21: SP 1800-27 (Final)