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SP 800-137A

Assessing Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) Programs: Developing an ISCM Program Assessment

Date Published: May 2020

Planning Note (3/31/2021):

NISTIR 8212, An Information Security Continuous Monitoring Program Assessment, provides an operational approach to the assessment of an organization’s ISCM program using ISCMAxa free, publicly available working implementation of the ISCM program assessment described in NIST SP 800-137A.


Kelley Dempsey (NIST), Victoria Pillitteri (NIST), Chad Baer (CISA), Robert Niemeyer (MITRE), Ron Rudman (MITRE), Susan Urban (MITRE)



assessment; assessment element; assessment methodology; assessment procedure; continuous monitoring; information security continuous monitoring; ISCM program; ISCM program assessment
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Document History:
01/13/20: SP 800-137A (Draft)
05/21/20: SP 800-137A (Final)