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SP 800-56B Rev. 2

Recommendation for Pair-Wise Key-Establishment Using Integer Factorization Cryptography

Date Published: March 2019

Supersedes: SP 800-56B Rev. 1 (10/01/2014)


Elaine Barker (NIST), Lily Chen (NIST), Allen Roginsky (NIST), Apostol Vassilev (NIST), Richard Davis (NSA), Scott Simon (NSA)



assurances; integer factorization cryptography; key agreement; key confirmation; key derivation; key establishment; key management; key recovery; key transport
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System and Communications Protection


SP 800-56B Rev. 2 (DOI)
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Supplemental Material:
Comments received on Draft SP 800-56B Rev. 2 (July 2018) (pdf)

Other Parts of this Publication:
SP 800-56A Rev. 3
SP 800-56C Rev. 2

Document History:
07/10/18: SP 800-56B Rev. 2 (Draft)
03/21/19: SP 800-56B Rev. 2 (Final)


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