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FIPS 186-4

Digital Signature Standard (DSS)

Date Published: July 2013

Supersedes: FIPS 186-3 (06/25/2009)

Planning Note (02/02/2023):

FIPS 186-4 has been superseded with the publication of FIPS 186-5 (February 3, 2023).

Per the Implementation Schedule clause (12) in FIPS 186-5, "To facilitate a transition to FIPS 186-5, FIPS 186-4 remains in effect for a period of one year following the publication of this standard, after which FIPS 186-4 will be withdrawn [on February 3, 2024]. During this period, agencies may elect to use cryptographic modules and practices that conform to this standard, or may elect to continue to use FIPS 186-4.  The implementation schedule for cryptographic modules undergoing validation through the Cryptographic Module Validation Program will be posted on NIST’s webpage at under Notices."


National Institute of Standards and Technology



cryptography; Digital Signature Algorithm; digital signatures; Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm; Federal Information Processing Standard; computer security; public key cryptography
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