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NIST IR 7511 Rev. 3

Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Version 1.2 Validation Program Test Requirements

Date Published: January 2013


John Banghart (NIST), Melanie Cook (NIST), Stephen Quinn (NIST), David Waltermire (NIST), Andrew Bove (Secure Acuity)



SCAP derived test requirements (DTR); SCAP validated tools; Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP); SCAP validation
Control Families

Assessment, Authorization and Monitoring; System and Services Acquisition


NISTIR 7511 Rev. 3 (Jan. 2013) (pdf)

Supplemental Material:
None available

Document History:
01/16/13: IR 7511 Rev. 3 (Final)


Security and Privacy

acquisition, security automation

Laws and Regulations

OMB Circular A-130