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NIST IR 8183A Vol. 3

Cybersecurity Framework Manufacturing Profile Low Impact Level Example Implementations Guide: Volume 3 – Discrete-based Manufacturing System Use Case

Date Published: September 2019

Planning Note (02/26/2024):

This report references the NIST Cybersecurity Framework v1.1.


Keith Stouffer (NIST), Timothy Zimmerman (NIST), CheeYee Tang (NIST), Michael Pease (NIST), Jeffrey Cichonski (NIST), Neeraj Shah (Strativia), Wesley Downard (G2)



computer security; Cybersecurity Framework (CSF); distributed control systems (DCS); industrial control systems (ICS); information security; manufacturing; network security; programmable logic controllers (PLC); risk management; security controls; supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
Control Families

Access Control; Awareness and Training; Audit and Accountability; Assessment, Authorization and Monitoring; Configuration Management; Contingency Planning; Identification and Authentication; Incident Response; Maintenance; Media Protection; Physical and Environmental Protection; Planning; Program Management; Personnel Security; Risk Assessment; System and Services Acquisition; System and Communications Protection; System and Information Integrity


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Supplemental Material:
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Publication Volumes:
IR 8183A Vol. 1
IR 8183A Vol. 2
IR 8183

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Document History:
05/28/19: IR 8183A Vol. 3 (Draft)
09/30/19: IR 8183A Vol. 3 (Final)