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NIST IR 8413

Status Report on the Third Round of the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process

Date Published: July 2022

Planning Note (09/29/2022): The original report has been updated by an errata update, NIST IR 8413-upd1.


Gorjan Alagic (NIST), Daniel Apon (NIST), David Cooper (NIST), Quynh Dang (NIST), Thinh Dang (NIST), John Kelsey (NIST), Jacob Lichtinger (NIST), Carl Miller (NIST), Dustin Moody (NIST), Rene Peralta (NIST), Ray Perlner (NIST), Angela Robinson (NIST), Daniel Smith-Tone (NIST), Yi-Kai Liu (NIST)



cryptography; digital signatures; key-encapsulation mechanism (KEM); key-establishment; post-quantum cryptography; public-key encryption; quantum resistant; quantum safe
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Supplemental Material:
PQC Standardization Project
NIST news article

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IR 8240
IR 8309

Document History:
07/05/22: IR 8413 (Final)


Security and Privacy

digital signatures, key management, post-quantum cryptography

Activities and Products

standards development