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NIST IR 8441

Cybersecurity Framework Profile for Hybrid Satellite Networks (HSN)

Date Published: September 2023

Planning Note (02/26/2024):

This report references the NIST Cybersecurity Framework v1.1.


James McCarthy (NIST), Dan Mamula (MITRE), Joseph Brule (MITRE), Karri Meldorf (MITRE), Rory Jennings (MITRE), John Wiltberger (MITRE), Chris Thorpe (MITRE), John Dombrowski (MITRE), O'Ryan Lattin (MITRE), Sam Sepassi (MITRE)



Cybersecurity Framework; Hybrid satellite networks; HSN; hosted payload; payload; payload control center; PCC; shared services; virtual payload command center
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Document History:
07/12/22: CSWP 27 (Draft)
11/03/22: CSWP 27 (Final)
06/06/23: IR 8441 (Draft)
09/25/23: IR 8441 (Final)