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NIST IR 8476

3rd High-Performance Computing Security Workshop: Joint NIST-NSF Workshop Report

Date Published: September 2023


Yang Guo (NIST), Jeremy Licata (NIST), Victoria Pillitteri (NIST), Sanjay Rekhi (NIST), Robert Beverly (NSF), Xin Yuan (Florida State University), Gary Key (HPCMP), Rickey Gregg (HPCMP), Stephen Bowman (HPCMP), Catherine Hinton (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Albert Reuther (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Ryan Adamson (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Aron Warren (Sandia National Laboratories), Purushotham Bangalore (University of Alabama), Erik Deumens (University of Florida), Csilla Farkas (University of South Carolina)



high-performance computing (HPC); HPC security; HPC security posture; security guidance; security compliance
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09/26/23: IR 8476 (Final)


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