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Journal Article

A Survey of Physics-Based Attack Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems

Published: July 25, 2018
Citation: ACM Computing Surveys vol. 51, no. 4, article no. 76 (September 2018) pp. 1-36


Jairo Giraldo (University of Texas at Dallas), David Urbina (University of Texas at Dallas), Álvaro Cárdenas (University of Texas at Dallas), Junia Valente (University of Texas at Dallas), Mustafa Faisal (University of Texas at Dallas), Justin Ruths (University of Texas at Dallas), Nils Tippenhauer (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Henrik Sandberg (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Richard Candell (NIST)



security and privacy; intrusion detection systems; information systems; process control systems
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07/25/18: Journal Article (Final)