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Other (Initial Public Draft)

Annotated Outline: Cybersecurity Profile for the Responsible Use of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Services

Date Published: August 31, 2020
Comments Due: No closing date (ongoing comment period)
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National Institute of Standards and Technology


NIST’s objective is to deliver a PNT Cybersecurity Profile (hereafter, the Profile) that can be adapted to the needs of PNT service users in the public and private sectors. Furthermore, through the Profile, NIST seeks to increase organizational awareness of the extent to which they use and rely on PNT services.

Through the Profile development process, NIST will engage the public and private sectors on multiple occasions to include a request for information, participation in workshops, solicitation of feedback on this annotated outline, and public review and comment on the draft Profile. The Profile development process is iterative and, in the end state, will identify and promote the responsible use of PNT services from a cybersecurity point of view. This Annotated Outline is designed to engage public and private sector stakeholders on preliminary NIST thinking before publishing a draft “Cybersecurity Profile for the Responsible Use of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Services” for public comment in October 2020.

NIST seeks insight and feedback on this Annotated Outline to improve the PNT cybersecurity profile, which is scheduled for publication in February 2021. Areas needing more input include feedback on the description of systems that use PNT services and the set of standards, guidelines, and practices addressing systems that use PNT services. NIST welcomes suggestions in these areas in addition to comments on the content within this Annotated Outline.

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Draft Annotated Outline (pdf)

Supplemental Material:
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Webinar details (9/15/20 - 9/16/20)

Document History:
08/31/20: Other (Draft)
10/22/20: IR 8323 (Draft)
02/11/21: IR 8323 (Final)