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Project Description (Initial Public Draft)

Accelerate Adoption of Digital Identities on Mobile Devices: Identity Management

Date Published: March 15, 2023
Comments Due: March 31, 2023 (public comment period is CLOSED)
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Ketan Mehta (NIST), Arun Vemury (DHS), Jon Prisby (DHS), Jeff Finke (MITRE)


There are several new digital credentials-based standards emerging and they are all in silos operating in specific environments and written for specific contexts.  And as such, there is a lack of foundational, strongly verifiable, and trustable digital credentials available to make transition to today’s mobile device platforms. NCCoE cybersecurity experts will address this challenge through collaboration with Issuing Authorities, digital identity solutions providers, Verifiers (also known as Relying Parties), and third party trust service providers. This effort, based on ISO/IEC 18013-5 and ISO/IEC 18013-7, will enable participants to jointly demonstrate the utility of a robust interoperable reference design that will facilitate the consumption of digital credentials by disparate stakeholders. This effort will also enable more equitable, secure, and convenient commerce along with easier access to government services.

The NCCoE, in cooperation with industry / government agencies / academic institutions, will study, evaluate, implement, and test interoperability and security claims of the international standards, ISO/IEC 18013-5 (published), ISO/IEC 18013-7 (currently a working draft), and the ecosystem surrounding these standards. Specific outcomes of this project will be:

  1. an open-source reference implementation for this new technology,
  2. develop prototypes and demonstrations in the lab, and
  3. establish leading practices for secure, resilient and interoperable mDL deployment.
Further there will be an Outreach and Engagement (O&E) effort that will champion, socialize and help to spread the word externally with goal of getting as much involvement as possible.



digital identification; digital identity; digital credential, document presentation; driver’s license; mDL; mobile devices
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Draft Project Description (pdf)

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Document History:
03/15/23: Project Description (Draft)
06/01/23: Project Description (Final)


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