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NIST SP 1800-13 (2nd Public Draft)

Mobile Application Single Sign-On: Improving Authentication for Public Safety First Responders

Date Published: May 2019
Comments Due: June 28, 2019 (public comment period is CLOSED)
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William Fisher (NIST), Paul Grassi (NIST), Spike Dog (MITRE), Santos Jha (MITRE), William Kim (MITRE), Taylor McCorkill (MITRE), Joseph Portner (MITRE), Mark Russell (MITRE), Sudhi Umarji (MITRE), William Barker (Dakota Consulting)


The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) at NIST is seeking comments on a revised draft of the practice guide NIST SP 1800-13, "Mobile Application Single Sign-On." The guide aims to help public safety first responder personnel efficiently and securely gain access to their mission-critical data via mobile devices and applications. 

The goal of this project is to illustrate a method for public safety organizations to deploy efficient and interoperable multifactor authentication and single sign-on tools to protect access to sensitive information while meeting the demands of an operational environment that relies on rapid response. This revision of the original NIST SP 1800-13 was updated at the request of the public safety community to incorporate iOS version 12. Organizations are encouraged to review the draft and provide feedback for possible incorporation into the practice guide.

This project will result in a publicly available NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide (NIST SP 1800 series) --a detailed implementation guide of the practical steps needed to implement a cybersecurity reference design that addresses a particular challenge. 



access control; authentication; authorization; identity; identity management; identity provider; relying party; single sign-on
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Identification and Authentication


Second Draft SP 1800-13

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Document History:
04/16/18: SP 1800-13 (Draft)
05/29/19: SP 1800-13 (Draft)
08/25/21: SP 1800-13 (Final)


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Laws and Regulations

Cybersecurity Enhancement Act, First Responder Network Authority


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