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NIST SP 800-135 Rev. 1

Recommendation for Existing Application-Specific Key Derivation Functions

Date Published: December 2011

Supersedes: SP 800-135 (12/23/2010)

Planning Note (07/27/2023):

This publication is currently being reviewed. Monitor progress on the Crypto Publication Review Project page.


Quynh Dang (NIST)



shared secret; Diffie-Hellman (DH) key exchange; hash function; Key Derivation Function (KDF); Hash-based Key Derivation Function; Randomness Extraction; Key expansion; Pseudorandom Function (PRF); HMAC; ANS X9.42-2001; ANS X9.63-2001; IKE; SSH; TLS; SRTP; Cryptographic key; SNMP and TPM.
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Supplemental Material:
Informative Note (09-19-2016) (pdf)

Document History:
12/23/11: SP 800-135 Rev. 1 (Final)


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