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NIST SP 800-186

Recommendations for Discrete Logarithm-based Cryptography: Elliptic Curve Domain Parameters

Date Published: February 2023

Planning Note (04/17/2023): We've identified an issue in Sec. that will be corrected in a future update/revision of this publication. For details, see the potential updates spreadsheet listed under "Documentation."


Lily Chen (NIST), Dustin Moody (NIST), Andrew Regenscheid (NIST), Angela Robinson (NIST), Karen Randall (Randall Consulting)



computer security; discrete logarithm-based groups; domain parameters; elliptic curve cryptography
Control Families

System and Communications Protection


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Supplemental Material:
Potential updates (xlsx)
Comments received on Draft SP 800-186 (pdf)

Related NIST Publications:
FIPS 186-5

Document History:
10/31/19: SP 800-186 (Draft)
02/03/23: SP 800-186 (Final)


Security and Privacy

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