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NIST SP 800-61 Rev. 2

Computer Security Incident Handling Guide

Date Published: August 2012

Supersedes: SP 800-61 Rev. 1 (03/07/2008)

Planning Note (04/03/2024):

An initial public draft of Revision 3 is now available: Incident Response Recommendations and Considerations for Cybersecurity Risk Management: A CSF 2.0 Community Profile. Public comments are due by May 20, 2024.

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Paul Cichonski (NIST), Thomas Millar (DHS), Tim Grance (NIST), Karen Scarfone (Scarfone Cybersecurity)



computer security incident; incident handling; incident response; threats; vulnerabilities
Control Families

Incident Response; System and Information Integrity


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Document History:
08/06/12: SP 800-61 Rev. 2 (Final)