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NIST Requests Comments on FIPS 186-4, Digital Signature Standard
October 20, 2015

NIST requests comments on Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 186-4, Digital Signature Standard, which has been in effect since July 2013. FIPS 186-4 specifies three techniques—RSA, DSA, and ECDSA--for the generation and verification of digital signatures, along with a set of elliptic curves recommended for government use.

NIST primarily seeks comments on the recommended elliptic curves specified in Appendix D of the FIPS, but comments on other areas of the FIPS will also be considered.

The Federal Register Notice provides additional background information, including questions that NIST is especially interested in having addressed.

Comments due:  December 4, 2015

Send comments to: with “Comment on FIPS 186” in the Subject line.  See the FRN for additional details on submitting comments.

Parent Project

See: Digital Signatures
Created December 21, 2016, Updated June 22, 2020