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Addressing Visibility Challenges with TLS 1.3: NIST 1800-37A Preliminary Draft
May 12, 2023

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) invites you to share your feedback on the preliminary draft of NIST Special Publication 1800-37 Volume A, Addressing Visibility Challenges with TLS 1.3. The public comment period is open now until June 26, 2023.  

Why This Project Matters

This project builds on our earlier work, TLS Server Certificate Management, which showed organizations how to centrally monitor and manage their TLS certificates. We are now focusing on protocol enhancements such as TLS 1.3 which have helped organizations boost performance and address security concerns. These same enhancements have also reduced enterprise visibility into internal traffic flows within the organizations' environment. This project aims to change that, and has two main objectives:

  • Provide security and IT professionals practical app roaches and tools to help them gain more visibility into the information being exchanged on their organizations’ servers.
  • Help users fully adopt TLS 1.3 in their private data centers and in hybrid cloud environments—while maintaining regulatory compliance, security, and operations.

This project will result in a publicly available NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide in the Special Publication 1800 series which contains practical steps and guidance to implement our cybersecurity reference designs.

Feedback Welcome

Please read Volume A and share your feedback via our website orsend us an email.

Stay Connected

To receive news and updates about this project, please join the Community of Interest. Visit the TLS 1.3 project page and follow us on Twitter @NISTcyber.

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Created May 12, 2023