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Suitability of 3rd Round Signature Candidates for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

June 8, 2021


Nina Bindel - University of Waterloo


Direct wireless communication between vehicles could prevent up to 600,000 non-alcohol-related vehicle crashes in the U.S. every year. The core of the two main vehicle communication protocols, namely Dedicated Short Range Communication/Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments based on IEEE 802.11p and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything consists of sending so-called Basic-Safety-Messages (BSMs). In these messages, information about the status of the car such as its location, direction, speed, status of the brake and acceleration system and time is collected and broadcast once every 100 ms. Based on this information, other cars can compute the sender car’s path and react, e.g. brake or accelerate, accordingly to ensure the safety of traffic participants.

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