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Post-Quantum Cryptography

Evaluation Criteria

Post-quantum candidate algorithm nominations are due November 30, 2017.
Call for Proposals

NIST will form an internal selection panel composed of NIST employees to analyze the submitted algorithms; the evaluation process will be discussed in Section 5. All of NIST’s analysis results will be made publicly available.

Although NIST will be performing its own analyses of the submitted algorithms, NIST strongly encourages public evaluation and publication of the results. NIST will take into account its own analysis, as well as the public comments that are received in response to the posting of the “complete and proper” submissions, to make its decisions.

To avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, and to streamline the evaluation process, NIST encourages researchers who are developing similar cryptosystems to combine their efforts and produce a single submission package.

Created January 03, 2017, Updated September 04, 2018