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Block Cipher Techniques

Upcoming Events

The Third NIST Workshop on Block Cipher Modes of Operation 2023
October 3, 2023 - October 4, 2023
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! registration will close September 25 AGENDA NIST will host the Third NIST Workshop on Block Cipher Modes of Operation on October 3-4, 2023, at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in...

Past Events

Block Cipher Modes Workshop 2
August 24, 2001
NIST held the Second Modes of Operation Workshop to continue to facilitate the analysis and development of new modes. The workshop was held to Present and discuss modes proposals Discuss technical comments on the NIST...
Block Cipher Modes Workshop 1
October 20, 2000
NIST held a public workshop for the presentation and discussion of block cipher modes of operation. The papers, presentations, and discussions from that workshop are summarized in a workshop report. NIST received a number of...
Created January 04, 2017, Updated September 05, 2023