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Random Bit Generation RBG

Email List (rbg-forum)

An RBG-forum@list.nist.gov email mailing list has been established for dialogue regarding NIST's RBG project. It is an unmoderated mailing list; messages addressed to this list are immediately distributed to all the addresses on the list.

To join: mailto:RBG-forum+subscribe@list.nist.gov

You will receive a response message from jupyter+subconfirm@list.nist.gov.  Please click the "Join" link inside that email to confirm your subscription request.

To unsubscribe: mailto:RBG-forum+unsubscribe@list.nist.gov


Random Bit Generation Team

Elaine Barker

Lawrence Bassham

Alexander Calis

Chris Celi

Tim Hall

John Kelsey

Kerry McKay

Allen Roginsky

Meltem Sönmez Turan


Security and Privacy: random number generation

Created May 24, 2016, Updated June 13, 2023