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supply chain risk information


  Includes, but is not limited to, information that describes or identifies: (1) Functionality of covered articles, including access to data and information system privileges; (2) Information on the user environment where a covered article is used or installed; (3) The ability of the source to produce and deliver covered articles as expected (i.e., supply chain assurance); (4) Foreign control of, or influence over, the source (e.g., foreign ownership, personal and professional ties between the source and any foreign entity, legal regime of any foreign country in which the source is headquartered or conducts operations); (5) Implications to national security, homeland security, and/or national critical functions associated with use of the covered source; (6) Vulnerability of federal systems, programs, or facilities; (7) Market alternatives to the covered source; (8) Potential impact or harm caused by the possible loss, damage, or compromise of a product, material, or service to an organization’s operations or mission; (9) Likelihood of a potential impact or harm, or the exploitability of a system; (10) Security, authenticity, and integrity of covered articles and their supply and compilation chain; (11) Capacity to mitigate risks identified; (12) Credibility of and confidence in other supply chain risk information; (13) Any other information that would factor into an analysis of the security, integrity, resilience, quality, trustworthiness, or authenticity of covered articles or sources; (14) A summary of the above information and, any other information determined to be relevant to the determination of supply chain risk.
NIST SP 800-161r1 from FASCA